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Your gateway to successful employee onboarding

Your people are your greatest investment and your greatest source of value.  Let us help you get them started off on the right foot.

There are few events more critical to an employee’s success than the process of onboarding.  Whether your organization is bringing in a fresh intellect or recognizing the value of existing talent, Intelliworx: Onboarding can help you acclimate your new team member to corporate culture and the resources that will assure their success.

With Intelliworx: Onboarding, HRworx has set the standard for how onboarding new talent should be handled.

Intelleworx:Onboarding at a Glance


  • More than Just Onboarding: Our solution is based on an extensible platform that can replicate and enhance nearly any HR workflow or process you can dream up.  We can help track and automate the tasks behind everything from scheduling training to assigning equipment and mentors so that your employees can hit the ground running.
  • The Intelliworx Platform: Use our Onboarding module by itself or integrate it with the rest of the Intelliworx platform modules for a complete end-to-end employee lifecycle solution.
  • Intuitive Interface: A U.S. federal government entry-on-duty process requires as many as 30 separate forms to be filled out.  All Intelliworx platform modules use an attractive, intuitive, Section 508 compliant, interface to gather information from new hires once.
  • Forms Generation: That information can be shared with other systems or used to populate a wide variety of digital forms which can be printed or stored in integrated document management solutions.
  • Notifications:  Automatic email notifications make sure relevant staff know when to complete a required onboarding task for a new hire, which ensures a smooth onboarding process.
  • Reporting: Generate organization-wide reports on onboarding activities.
  • Integrations:  The Intelliworx platform can integrate and share data with a large number of 3rd party HR information systems, payroll providers, eLearning platforms and asset management systems.  For U.S. Federal Government Agencies, Intelliworx: Onboarding can also integrate with OPM’s eOPF system and other government shared service centers.

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