The Intelliworx Platform

Beyond HR

With our Intelleworx platform, HRworx can build software that automates and improves any process you can imagine.

Our crowning achievement has been the development of a software architecture that we call the Intelliworx platform.  Intelliworx allows us to rapidly build complete software systems that dramatically ease any problem a customer might have.

And, though we’ve focused our efforts on turning Intilleworx into an HR lifecycle management tool, we can do just about anything with it.

Facts about the Intelliworx Platform:

  • Intelliworx contains an advanced workflow engine that allows you to recreate any workflow your company or agency might have.  Define the people and processes around information gathering, storage and dissemination, and our system will track progress and remind the right people at the right time when actions need to be taken.
  • Intelliworx is engineered to collect and disseminate its data to and from other systems and databases.  Our open integration strategy allows us to be an “Enterprise Service Bus” patching together disparate systems with isolated pools of information.
  • Our Intelliworx platform utilizes a quick and easy question and answer style information gathering methodology similar to popular tax software services.  With this data collection system we can gather whatever data you require, from financial disclosure information to onboarding data for new employees.
  • The Intelliworx forms rendering engine allows you to turn any paper-intensive process into a paperless one.  Information collected from your employees and customers ends up as any combination of printed forms, rendered PDFs and data delivered to integrated downstream systems.
  • Intelliworx runs on high availability linux servers and utilizes Oracle as its database back end meaning that we provide a secure, stable and efficient solution capable of handling large numbers of users.