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Is Telework the Future?

You better believe it is!

The United States of America, the world’s economic engine-room of innovation and operational efficiencies, is lagging behind Mexico, India, Indonesia, and many other countries in the rate and pace of workplace telecommuting.

Recent research from Forrester shows that currently 34 million workers telecommute in the US, and by 2016, that number will almost double to more than 63 million – fueled by wider broadband adoption, better collaboration tools, and a newer and more tech-savvy class of management.



About Adam Davidson

Adam has over 25 years of sales and management consulting experience with clients in the USA Federal Government, Australian Federal & NSW State Governments, the IT and telecommunications industries, the media, international industry associations, NGOs, the UN System. He is a citizen of countries on both sides of the equator, and has worked in organizations in both the private and public sectors. Before becoming an expert and opinion leader in HR and HCM technologies, Adam also spent 15 years in sales and management roles in broadcast production of sport, music & entertainment, and information & documentary programs on radio and television. He also owned and operated the first non-English media advertising agency servicing private and public sector clients in the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific market. Today, Adam leads HRworx LLC, a veteran-owned HR software company delivering HR operations and compliance solutions to public sector clients.